How much does a website cost in Ireland?

How much does a website cost in Ireland? 99% of the time that is the question that we are asked before anything else.

Like the price of a vehicle or a house, the cost of a website can range from nothing to tens of thousands of euros, but it’s realistic to assume that a skilled developer will charge between €250 and €300 per page. If you pay less, you have to fear that the developer is inexperienced, is charging too little, and won’t provide much in the way of value or utility for you.

Why spend more money if you can pay more and get better results?

In conclusion, a 5-page website should cost around €800 – €1000, whereas an ecommerce website could cost upwards of €3000 if there are a lot of products. But wait! Think about strategy, design, and SEO Search Engine Optimisation before you pay someone any money. Do you want specific graphics or just a general design theme? Who will optimize your new website so that it is found when relevant keywords or phrases are typed into Google? How are you going to publicize and market it? Who is going to run it? Who will look after it?

In the end, asking for a price is frequently the incorrect move. What is your specific reason for wanting a website? What do you hope to accomplish? Who exactly is it meant for? It is crucial to have a well-thought-out plan in place before beginning. Include in this plan or brief the intended wireframe or layout, graphic design, content, SEO, and marketing approach. What kind of returns do you expect from any investments? What goals are you establishing?

It takes time for someone to make your new web presence effective for you, and this human time investment needs to be taken into account right away. A professional web design company should be able to ensure that your investment in their skilled team, who have completed this task hundreds of times before, will yield a very strong return.

So the next time, you want to ask “How much does a website cost”, consider some of the above!