The Trading Online Voucher

You may not have heard of it but there is web design grant available in Ireland called “The Trading Online Voucher”. This is a great leg up for new businesses who are looking to build their online presence.

The Trading Online Voucher (TOV) is a scheme offered by the Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) in Ireland to support small businesses in establishing or enhancing their online presence and e-commerce capabilities. The TOV is designed to help businesses that have limited online presence or need to upgrade their existing online operations to take advantage of the digital marketplace.

Here are some key points about the Trading Online Voucher program:

  1. Eligibility: Small businesses in Ireland with up to 10 employees can apply for the TOV. To qualify, businesses must have a limited online presence or e-commerce capability and have been trading for at least 6 months.
  2. Funding: The TOV provides eligible businesses with a financial grant of up to 50% of eligible expenditure, with a maximum grant amount typically capped at €2,500 (as of my knowledge cutoff date in January 2022; these amounts may be subject to change).
  3. Eligible Expenditure: The voucher can be used to cover various expenses related to establishing or improving an online presence, such as website development, e-commerce functionality, digital marketing, and online advertising.
  4. Application Process: To apply for a Trading Online Voucher, businesses must contact their local LEO office and complete an application form. They must also provide quotes from suppliers for the proposed online project.
  5. Approval Process: Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the LEO, and if approved, the business will receive the voucher. The business can then use the voucher to pay for the eligible expenses incurred during the project.
  6. Training and Support: In addition to the financial support, businesses may also receive training and advice on how to effectively use the online tools and platforms they are investing in.
  7. Completion and Evaluation: After the project is completed, the LEO may conduct an evaluation to ensure that the funds were used appropriately and that the business has improved its online presence.

We have completed over 100 websites using the TOV. Contact us today to learn more.