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Get to know me!

Who Am I

My name is Tommy. I am a freelance web developer with a passion for designing clean, easy to navigate websites.

My Mission

My mission is to help business owners get their business up and running online. There is no point having a business if people can’t find you online.

What I Do

I listen to my clients brief and spec. I deliver everything they are looking for and I try to add my own bit of character to each website I do.

Design My Website History

I started Design My Website in February 2018. I was sick and tired of seeing web design companies charging crazy fees and delivering poorly designed websites. I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and I have been designing websites since 2012. 

What do I need to design a website?


Your website needs somewhere to live! I will host your website for you for free for the first year. After that there is a 120 euro fee per year.

A Domain Name

Every website needs a good domain name. Simply choose your domain name and I will check if it is available and get it registered for you.

High Quality Images

Images can make or break a website. High quality images are one of the most important part of your website. Simply send me the images you have or ask me to find some high quality stock images and I will do the rest.

Good Content

How long does it take to create a website? That is a common question. The answer to that is as long as you have the content ready, the website can be created in a matter of days.

A Good Logo

Your website needs to be recognisable and people need to remember it to keep coming back. A good logo is an essential part of a good website.

A Plan

There is no point in having a good idea for a website if there is not a good detailed plan behind it. I can help you to develop a good plan and execute it for you.

Why Choose Design My Website?

I believe in creating modern, fresh looking websites that withstand the test of time. I will give 100% for each and every one of my projects.

I am always just a text or phone call away if you ever need any updates done or if you are having any issues with your website.

All of my prices are fair and are based on the amount and time and effort I will have to put into your website. There are budget plans available if you wish to pay for the website in installments.

I will ensure that your website is up to Googles search standards and will be able to be found online.

My business is 100% Irish. From time to time I will outsource some work but the business is always kept within Ireland.

Check out my testimonials section to see what my past and current clients say about me.

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