Why isn’t anyone visiting my website?

Creating a website is not that difficult. You visit designmywebsite.ie and contact us and we go through the entire process with you. We have been concentrating a lot lately on local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and it is certainly paying off the last few months. A lot of people and businesses make the same mistake, they create a website and they don’t market it after it goes live. They hear about their neighbour or a local business down the road who have also created a website and get lots of visitors and sales. There are a number of reasons why this happens. Marketing is just one of them

Your Website is not optimised for Google (SEO)

SEO is a simple concept but can get quite complicated depending on the kind of keywords that you want to rank for on Google. When a potential customer goes online, they search for a keyword on Google and if you have set up your website correctly then in theory your website should show in the search results. The issue here is that you may rank for a keyword but come up against a well established website that also ranks for the same keyword. Obviously, that website will rank higher than your website. But what happens if there are 100 websites more established than yours and they all come ahead of your website in the Google search results. What you have to do here is Keyword Research. Keyword Research is the process of finding different keywords that you can rank for. We can help you with this. We are keyword research experts who can help you with our SEO package. SEO takes a few months to see the results, but when the results start to come, it is a priceless asset for your Business. I always say to people, what is the point in having a business if nobody knows about it.

The second reason why your website is not getting visitors is your limited social media presence. Google loves getting new information. When you post on social media and you link to your website, you are telling Google that there is new information available on your website through Social Media. You should always have active social media accounts and a blog on your website. An active blog and social media accounts allows you to constantly add new information and helps you to grow your business.

When you have a blog, it is really easy to keep your customers up to date with all of your latest business developments. You can learn a lot from more established blogs and learn what makes a viral blog post!

When I started Design My Website we were ranked around 50th in Kerry when you searched for Kerry Web Design. We are now number 1 in Kerry. We have developed an organic SEO strategy that is a cut above our competitors. It is not easy to move up the ranks in Google unless you know what you are doing. If you want us to handle your SEO, please contact us for a quote and let’s get your business found!!!