Website maintenance package Ireland? Here is one HUGE reason you need one!

I have dealt with a lot of clients over the years. In fact, I have done business with well over 100 clients in the last 2 years alone. The process is simile. They approach us with an idea or the bones of an idea, and we develop the idea and turn it into a website or a logo. Sometimes I even find myself approaching some businesses when I am browsing for something online and I come across their terrible website! Once the website is finished, the majority of our clients ask “What is next?”. I always tell them the same 3 things. Number 1: We will take care of your website maintenance and security for the next 90 days for free of charge. Number 2: Let’s talk about marketing. Number 3: It is ESSENTIAL that after that our 90 days of Design My Website mainteance and secuirty, you really should sign up to one of our maintenance packages. I am afraid that a lot of people opt to not get a mainteance package. They leave the website sit there. The longer a website just sits in the same place and is not maintained, the more dangerous this is for the security of website and the security of any private information that you have on the website (such as customer information).

Today is Friday the 10th of December 2021. In the past 24 hours, there has been over 13 million attacks on 1.6 million WordPress websites. (This is the reason in the title!!!) That is a huge uptake on website attacks in 24 hours. Do you really think you should take a chance and hope that one of your websites isn’t attacked? If you have ever had a website hacked, you will understand that it is like having your house broken into. It is a violation but just like a burgler, a hacker doesn’t care about your feelings.

Be safe. Contact us and find out about our maintenance packages.